Mithun Srinivas

Full Stack Web Developer | Toronto

I am a passionate Full Stack PHP Developer with more than 2 years of Experience in a Start-Up based environment. I am good with PHP, SQL Databases and Javascript (any framework). I am fast, efficient and can work on many domains.


Full Stack Engineer

Doodleblue Innovations
  • Full Stack Web developer responsible for end to end product development and optimisation.
  • Worked on projects for Industry Leaders such as L&T and MRF.
  • Designed database schemas for complex applications.
  • Developed APIs for Android and iOS Developers.
  • Worked On: Payment Gateways, Custom Advanced Search Functions, Google Maps, LDAP Authentication, SSL Certificates, CRON Jobs, SMS Gateways, NodeJs – Socket based Applications and APIs.
  • Backend: PHP (Laravel & Codeigniter), MySQL, Node.js (Express & Socket)
  • Frontend: jQuery, Vue.js.
January 2017 - January 2019

Full Stack Developer

  • Worked on a project for Kalakshetra Foundation which is one of India's Largest Fine Arts Institutions to manage their Admission process.
  • Revamped an offline process to a web based solution thereby making it easier for applicants to submit and pay for the application online. Optimized the process multi-fold. User engagement and applications significantly increased.
February 2019 - April 2019


University College Cork

Cork, Ireland
MSc Computing Science
2014 - 2016

Sathyabama University

Chennai, India
BE Computing Science
2010 - 2014


Programming Languages, Frameworks & Tools
Languages / Frameworks
  • PHP - Laravel, Codeigniter
  • Javascript (Frontend) - jQuery, Vue.js
  • Database - MySQL, MS SQL Server
  • Git - Gitflow.
  • UI - Basic HTML, CSS & Bootstrap.
  • Javascript (Backend) - NodeJs,, Express.
  • Deployment Tools - AWS, Docker, Apache, Nginx.
- Good Profiency. Done more than 3 projects.
- Moderate Profiency. Done 1 or 2 projects

  • Test Driven Development (TDD) - Experience in writing PHPUnit test cases.
  • PSR 4 - Experience in following coding standards and writing clean code.
  • OOPS - Good knowledge in Object Oriented Programming.
  • SQL - Proficient in designing huge databases, migrations and writing SQL Queries as well as ORM.
  • API - Proficient in writing APIs for Android / iOS / Frontend developers.
  • Languages - Language agnostic. Comfortable and willing to learn any programming language.
  • Javascript - Experience in jQuery and Vue.js. Can easily adapt to any framework.


  • Built Dashboards and APIs for a multi billion dollar company - Larsen & Toubro - for managing its cranes, employees and project locations.
  • Improved the efficiency and productivity multi-fold compared to their previous CMS.
Worked with:
  • PHP - Laravel.
  • Javascript - Jquery.
  • Database - SQL Server.
  • Authentication - LDAP, JWT (for API).
  • Developed a Website and Dashboard for a Leading news based company featuring Horse Races and Statistics. Completely revamped the website with amazing increase in speed and users after launch.
  • This website gets around 500 - 1500 hits per second and constantly gets updated on racing data with complex calculations, data analytics and statistics.
  • We also migrated data from a huge database and incorporated with our own efficient database design.
  • We used a cache based system to handle the high load.
  • Developed on PHP (Codeigniter), jQuery, MySQL.
  • View Website
Worked with:
  • PHP - Codeigniter.
  • Javascript - Jquery.
  • Database - MySQL.
  • UI - Bootstrap.
  • Worked as a freelancer to develop a Dashboard for one of India's Largest Fine Arts Institutions to manage their Admission process.
  • Revamped their offline paper admission process with dynamic forms and payment gateways thereby saving time and energy for thousands of applicants.
  • Visit Website
Worked with:
  • PHP - Codeigniter
  • Javascript - jQuery
  • Database - MySQL.
  • UI - Bootstrap.
Developed APIs and Dashboards for an App that people can use in real-time to invite friends, order food, and split bills in restaurants.

Worked with:
  • PHP - Codeigniter
  • Javascript - NodeJS with (for real-time functions)
  • Database - MySQL.
Worked and supported a million dollar Singapore based Investment Platform - Validus.

Worked with:
  • PHP - Codeigniter


Tripti Chordia

HR Growth and Development @ Doodleblue Innovations

It has been great working with Mithun. He constantly demonstrated a solid work ethic at doodleblue. he is dedicated, self motivated, methodical and very capable. Not only a great developer but also a great team player. The project was in safe hands under his development.

Cormac Sreenan

Full Professor & Head of School @ University College Cork

Mithun worked on his Master's project under my supervison. The topic was in the general area of Internet of Things. He designed and implemented an interesting system for smart access control in buildings. A nice guy, can work independently, and with a good range of technical skills.

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